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1. Your profile. BAM!

2. cryptic Status Updates That Look For Attention
“OMG Whoos callin u dude?”
“They know who they are, I’m not going to say anything”


3. See Who Your Biggest Stalker Is apps.
Firstly, none of these things work. Facebook isn’t a list of information that can be manipulated into any combination of teenage neo-faggot apps that deliver the news that the hottest chick in your Facebook Friends list has been secretly checking out your ugly ass photos taken from your mobile phone in your bathroom. It’s Not. Gunna. Happen.

If you think you have no chance on god’s earth with someone, thennnnn ya don’t. OK?

Secondly, if you’re a chick and you have heaps of photos of you flouncing about in undies/nude/duck face poses in your bathroom then you don’t don’t need an app to tell you who’s stalking you, you just need me: EVERY FUCKING DUDE IN YOUR FRIEND LIST. THEY ARE CHECKING OUT YOUR FINE ASS AND BANGING TITTIES. Don’t like it? TAKE DOWN THE SLUT PICS THEN.

4. Serial Likers and Serial Pokers.
Scotty AssassinMc thinks everything is shit and fuck everyone
Puppy Fart *likes this*

5. Saliva Dripping Sleeze Balls That Add Hot Chicks They Don’t Know.
Almost every one of my female mates are drop dead gorgeous. Some of them so much that they are models, which means they put up a lot of their modelling pics. Good for them, I reckon. But then each of the photos they post comes this under it, from people you have never seen or heard of before:

Tom Dickenharry: Helloooo!
Harry Muffdiver: Woah girl! SO HOT lol
Barry Dumbcunt: Man if I was only 50 years younger lol!
John Isreallysmall: Sexy sexy sexy. Wish u wer on my beach! LOL
Random Fuckwit: Hey are those metal earrings? I love metal! We shud cach up and talk metal (meaning I want to rape your ass)


Rule 1: Chicks don’t choose a suitor from Facebook Comments, nor does it turn them on
Rule 2: Chicks like to have sex with a) People they know, and b) PEOPLE WHO AREN’T OLD FAT SLEEZY GREASEBALLS

So look, take your hand off it, do some laps of a pool or find thrity by anything but walking to KFC, buy clothes from somewhere besides Target, get a personality and go out and talk to ACTUAL REAL WOMEN. You might get laid if you’re lucky.

OK, so we’re all pretty clear on the fact Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. If you’re not familiar with this fact, look it up. Nobody knows when the guy was actually born, the date 25th December wasn’t established properly for almost 1500 years after the dude was killed, and hardly anyone who celebrates Christmas today actually gives a shit. So apart from the name, which is also out the window because from here on in I’m calling it Xmas, it’s pretty much a mish-mash of pagan symbolism (mistletoe, christmas trees, winter solstice, etc) and a fat guy in a red suit invented by Thomas Nast in 1863. There’s also an emerging sense of contempt, it seems, in modern times toward the commercialization of Xmas and the way it exploits the act of giving.

But seriously, who gives a fuck?

For one, Xmas time appears to bring out the best in people. People are much happier, besides miserable people which, to be honest, no-one cares about. It is a way to bring families together, and community spirit is elevated to the point where you can’t find anywhere in a major city to volunteer for the homeless as all the spots were filled a month ago. Is there really any harm in celebrating something that appears to promote good-will towards each other for no real reason other than just being jolly and nice? I don’t think so.

On the commercialization tip, I fail to see how it is a bad thing. People always complain about something when it becomes commercialized, why the fuck do people do this? Are they worried they will no longer be “crucial and edgy”? “I celebrated Xmas before it was commercial” I mean what the hell? COMMERCIAL ISN’T A BAD WORD PEOPLE. Xmas time in our country is the single biggest economic stimulus each year for Australian businesses. It provides jobs and it is healthy for our economy. Nobody forces you to buy anything, there’s no gun pointed at your head, and if you wear anything that is made by any designer label house in Europe you’re not really in a position to judge anything, wouldn’t you say?

Xmas time is also a good time for the charities to make you feel guilty about the excess you and your family indulge in each year. This is what I find most powerful about it, and is possibly it’s best feature. It encourages people who usually don’t give a shit about homeless people, or people in otherwise dire situations, to pretend they care. I’m thinking if it’s going to make someone do something nice to help others less fortunate, who cares, right? Well kind of. Unfortunately it’s usually something quite useless for someone who is homeless, like a hamper, which would be great if a homeless guy had a family and a car. Unfortunately tangible, useful charity isn’t the point for some people and a superficial token to give themselves a warm fuzzy is pretty much the only motive.

What ever you think about Xmas, whatever you do, however much you spend, don’t think too much into it. It’s not the holocaust, so quit complaining and go have fun.

I seem to get a few hits from this porn-type stuff, searches for tags I put on like fuck, sex, manatees and so on. Even my travel blog gets the occasional “Thai girls” search engine hits. So, being close to Xmas and all, I thought I better give something to these poor fat slobby sleazy fucks that are sitting there with four cans of coke poured into a vase, three meat lover’s pizzas, potato chip crumbs in their lap, sitting at the PC in a darkened room searching for “fucking” on WordPress. Here ya go ya fat fucks:

Fuck, lick, slap, suck, kiss, bite, push, hard, soft, sherpas in sheep costumes, fanny, doodle, NURSE (that bit isn’t part of it, that was just me typing out loud in my cell, it’s happy tablet time), where was I? Oh yeah, slide, poke, sweat, dick, lick, slappy mc slap, pull hair, rubber gimp mask, rubber chickens I dunno, what are you people into?

Work with me here. No pun intended.

OK, I’ll give it a bash. There’s this chick, right? She has these boobs and shit, so you’re like, sqeezing that shit, right? And she’s all like “ooohh yeah daddy, give it to me hard” in a stupid fake voice and then does one of those Beverly Hills 90210 girly giggles. You’re like “Hell yeah, bitch” and start going crazy, tearing her clothes off left and right, I mean that shit is flying everywhere. It’s all lacy shit too, HOW FUCKING HOT IS THAT? LACY SHIT! and then you pull out your 27 inch mega-wang and dust off the Oreo crumbs from your stomach and say “OK this is Captain Penetrator calling Naval Base, preparing to dock” and she just goes apeshit, OM NOM NOM NOM. BAM, you’ve slapped her in the face and say “Bad doggy” and she wimpers then cries, then plays a gnarly air guitar, fuck this bitch is mad hot.

So then you’re getting down to business, and you have one leg on her cheek, one leg on the couch (I forgot, there’s a couch, OK?) she has one foot in your ear, and the other on the curtain rail near the window. It’s the maddest sex position in the world, and you just invented it because that’s how fucked up you are, in a fully awesome way. Then after that bit, you’re like “Can we go missionary?” and she’s like “Hell yeah bro, I’m catholic, I LOVE that shit!” BAM, you’re going hard mish style. It’s SO lame that it’s cool. You’re hell cool at fucking. Now you’re like “Yo, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna… o… oh… ooHH… OOOOHHH” and she’s like “Oh YEAH I’m so HORNY” and you’re still doing your “O” face and AAAARRRGGGHH your mum walks in and turns the light on and it’s actually your aunty.

Suck shit you stinky perverts, fuck off somewhere else.

I started this blog less than 2 months ago and by the time I get home it will be over 1000 hits.

1000 Hits – 12:20pm

1. Happy 1000 Hit Birthday AntiNerd

2. Google and SEO doesn’t mean shit in terms of personal blogs. Professional websites, etc I can tell you first hand SEO works, and very well. But personal blogs? Get fucked. The only hits I get from Tags are “fuck” and “sex” etc.

3. People read blogs like they watch Big Brother, because humans and the human condition are interesting. Some can express it well, some can’t.

4. If your blog looks like an Ad, it’s boring. There’s ads all over the internet. Get a personality and then start blogging.

5. Be interesting, write well, and keep it raw, that’s what a blog is for.



Scott Assassin

It’s Friday and I already know that Monday morning at work will feel like it arrives in 10 mins from now. I have possibly the most conentrated weekend I’ve had since my Hong Kong Teebee & Assassin “Cloud Nine” Tour which involved 3 events, 4 flights, 3 countries in 2 days.

It’s 6:30am and here is my weekend schedule:

7:30 am – Gym
10:30 am – Work
7:00 pm – Super Party Begin

11:30 am – Super Paty End
12:30 pm – Home & Pack for gig
2:15 pm – Airport, Plane, Sleep
9:00 pm – On Stage

2:00 am – Off Stage
2:10 am – After Party
1:00 pm – Airport, Plane, Sleep
8:00 pm – Sleep

6:00 BAM!

Should be fun tho, I hear these guys seriously party