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Our friend’s little girl, Rose, watching Barney.

The moon tonight.

Playng with zoom

I didn’t do groceries on Sunday because I was being drunk and unreasonable. This means I have, once again, a whole lot of useless items in my fridge, freezer and pantry. Time to make something awesome while the women aren’t home, here’s what I found:

truss tomatoes, carrot, wonton wrappers, chicken breasts, cous cous, mushrooms, tobasco sauce, four bean mix, sweet corn, nandos “perinaise”, garlic, cracker barrel cheese, jarlsberg cheese, avocado, challot


Step one is to make something I made up just now: Guacasalsa. Yep, it’s not guacamoli and it’s not salsa. It’s guacasalsa.

Guacasalsa: challot, avocado, cumin, corriander, lime juice, tomato, tobasco sauce, salt, garlic…


Next I make some stuffing, make two pockets in the chicken breast, then wrap in in tinfoil and bake it.

Stuffing: tomatoes, grated carrot, garlic, cheeses, lime juice, tobasco, perinaise, salt, pepper, mushrooms, olive oil…


Once the breasts are baked, I let them rest and make a big wrapper out of the little wonton wrappers, then lightly fry them in some oil so they have crispy jackets on:


Then whack down a strip of cous cous, bean, corn and carrots, sit chicken on top, slop in some sauce




Few from the weekend.

I pushed the button on a camera, you fuckin jerks, how else do you take a photo?

But in the name of science I have decided to buy this:

It’s a D90 Nikon, the mid-range level DSLR that the photography clique prefer to term a “prosumer” camera. Professional consumer. Yeah nice patronizing verbal irony, idiots.

So anyway, I decided to teach my inadequate consumer mind how to take awesome photos like a professional photo taker without any guidance or mind poison from fanatical snap-posers who believe that they are an artist despite the fact they are standing behind a $10,000 Nikon D3S with a lens made from diamond fairy shit handed down by Zeus. They aren’t all like this though. I have a friend who takes photographs, and they are amazing. She owned, up until recently, a fairly entry-level camera. Although it gave a good quality output, the photos she takes are amazing because of her timing, her eye for everyday beauty in life that we normally miss, and the emotion she detects and then captures with the skill of someone you expect to find on the cover of Nat Geo. That’s art. She could do the same thing on a disposable 12 shot Kodak and get the same results.

So it doesn’t mean shit, in my inadequate consumer opinion, whether or not you have a trillion lenses and 20 years experience. If you have no imagination then your photos will be shit boring regardless of the tools you use.

That brings us to the point of this blog. I seem to have a fairly adequate set of basic tools, so let’s see if I can get good at using them. I will post photos of stuff I take as I learn to use it without anyone helping me. Hopefully it should be fun.

First Photos: 29 Jan, 2010.

Lesson 1: Fucking around with Picture Control, focusing on a single subject with soft backgrounds. Settings: Mode – Programmed Auto, Pic Cont – Vivid, Lens – 18-55mmVR.

Lesson 2: Buggering about with ISO settings. ISO – Can’t remember, Lens – 55-200mmVR, Subject – Monty the Garden Monk.

Fun with Monty the Garden Monk…