This is the most epic stupidity you will ever witness.

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

DerterkederrrToday I saw a video on Aron Mcmaster‘s Facebook page, check it out here.

I have 10 things to say to this fucken kitten squeezer, so I hope you’re reading this, Aron Mcmaster. You should be able to read all of it during whatever time smoko is at your job as dick swallowing master at Unoriginal Vapid and Stupid Cunts, Inc.

Before we start, “Islam” doesn’t hate you. “Islam” is a fucking verbal noun you endless mountain of fuckwit. Maybe you meant Muslims, whatever, I also now hate you because you began your important, ground breaking, revolutionary political Facebook career video by exhibiting the same type of integrity found in a cardboard box full of rampant feminists at the bottom of whichever the dumbest ocean is.

Now let’s go over some stuff you probably won’t understand.

1. What is “your Australian ways and your Australian values”? I don’t know where you come from, but in Australia we have an official statement of the values Australians hold. It’s called… wait for it… the “Australian Values Statement” ( This includes the respect for the freedom of religion, equality of men and women, (here’s a big word, grab a milk crate) a spirit of egalitarianism, that embraces mutual respect, tolerance and a whole bunch of other shit that shoots you down before we’ve even got started… but if I finished now it wouldn’t be any fun.

2. Your second reason for hating “iz lamb” is because you believe the Islamic prophet Muhammad was a paedophile for fucking a 9 year old.

He lived in the 7th Century, A.D. when your missus only lived until 25. Everyone fucked 9 year olds. Everyone used death as punishment for any excuse. Everyone was pretty stupid. No one had invented fucking 18 year olds yet, because a) most of them were dead and b) the ones who weren’t had just as little right to consent as 9 year olds.

That’s right, you turtle head, sex is based on right of consent, and the ability to give it using firm, robust and logical reasoning, which our modern society agrees is 18 years of age as minimum. Let’s be honest, just like you, 18 year olds find it hard to do anything using their brains so in the future, we’ll probably all be considered paedophiles too.

Oh, and your Christian god most probably fucked Mary when she was 13, a year after she married Joseph (who actually fucked her because imaginary people can’t make babies).

3. “A paedophile, and a filthy paedophile at that… that’s just disgusting”. Well I’m glad you cleared that up for us, for a second there we could have thought you meant just a plain old normal paedophile. Also, your socks are disgusting.

4. How does being a paedophile and chopping off people’s heads not make you a prophet? They’re mutually exclusive things, and only one of them is imaginary. NO ONE IS ACTUALLY A FUCKING PROPHET, YOU EVAPORATED HOPE. HE ALSO WASN’T A PIXIE, A JEDI OR A WIZARD HARRY. Is your brain compartmentalised into small departments that take turns using your mouth? Do some other departments include “tattoo of dead bull terrier location selector”, “I’m a Holden man but drive a Kia” and “these socks would look great pulled up with shorts”?

5. Don’t apologise to Katut for fucking Rhonda, apologise to your dick. And Rhonda.

6. “Islams” don’t come to “our country” and “line up at Centrelink”. They make up 2% of our ENTIRE population. They use the same immigration process that your Scottish “Christianities” did when they came here to dump your septic genome somewhere as far away from their family name as possible. I don’t know what is more ironic, the fact that you are that bad at mathematics that you can’t fathom any of this, or that Muslims developed most of the mathematics we know today. Take that irony and go fuck yourself with it.

7. They (“Islams”) “line-up at Centrelink like nothing else.” So you are saying that a verbal noun that is in and of itself representing a people who this word both means and doesn’t mean are unlike any other thing, including nothing, and are like nothing, when falling into lines only of themselves which are 2% by definition and at the same time nothing and themselves by your definition, at Centrelink? What are you? Schrodinger’s bogan? I just learned LESS quantum physics than I knew before because of this, thanks a lot. Fuck head.

8. Note to self: Truck Depots are now an Australian thing. Alert the authorities and update the list of things that are “Australian”. Note to Aron: Just kidding. CARGO VEHICLE LOADING STATIONS ARE NOT AN AUSTRALIAN PECULIARITY. There is not a SINGLE Banjo fucking Paterson poem about Truck Depots. NO JOLLY SWAGMAN HAS EVER CAMPED BY A TRUCK DEPOT.

9. Genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam, it is a regional tradition in North Africa that pre-dates the religion. The same way language mutilation has nothing to do with being Australian, it is isolated and unique to mouth breathing troglodytes. Just sayin’

10. You sound like a kazoo.


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