How Awesome Is Your Dad?

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

I miss my Dad already.

He lives in Townsville, North Queensland and I rarely get to see him. After the death of both my grandparents in the last 12 months, and my little sister’s wedding, and my baby sister’s brand new baby girl, he thought it best to come over and see us all for a few weeks.

My Dad is like most of your Dads I imagine, the real Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle. He’s no “drongo”, be he’s a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures. He wears those king gee shorts that finish well above the knee, with a belt and a collared stripey polo tucked in, no matter how cold or wet the weather is. He speaks a curious combination of Australian English and Dad Jokes. Although the Australian English is used only to convey the most important messages, it’s mostly dad jokes.

He pours at least half the table salt on his food and he has to squint when you show him stuff. When Heidi and I were making breakfast the other morning we pulled out our bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and put them in the grinder, asking Dad if he and his wife wanted a coffee. “Pfft, darl go and grab our coffee can please?” he said with a proud look on his face. His wife returned with a bottle of Jarrah Cappucino ‘indulgence’. “You should try this.” he said, and to him, it really was miles ahead of our petty slow roasted East Timorese peasant coffee.

I came home with a bunch of nice fat scotch fillets for dinner the other night and he sent me a text saying he was cooking something special for dinner. When I got home he had been to the shops and was soaking my scotchies in Masterfoods ‘teriyaki’ sauce. “You wait til you try this.” he said. “Japanese” he said, nodding for my approval.

Last night was their last night here sadly. I miss him pretty badly. The man taught me everything I know about fishing, WD40 will infact take the fish smell out of your hands and leave a lovely WD40 scent not unlike musk lollies mixed with Brut. The ladies love it.

So he decided to take us all out, my two sisters with their new beaus, Heidi and I, and he organised and paid for it all. Sizzlers. I love this man so much and I owe so much to him. My Dad ❤


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