It’s Friday and I already know that Monday morning at work will feel like it arrives in 10 mins from now. I have possibly the most conentrated weekend I’ve had since my Hong Kong Teebee & Assassin “Cloud Nine” Tour which involved 3 events, 4 flights, 3 countries in 2 days.

It’s 6:30am and here is my weekend schedule:

7:30 am – Gym
10:30 am – Work
7:00 pm – Super Party Begin

11:30 am – Super Paty End
12:30 pm – Home & Pack for gig
2:15 pm – Airport, Plane, Sleep
9:00 pm – On Stage

2:00 am – Off Stage
2:10 am – After Party
1:00 pm – Airport, Plane, Sleep
8:00 pm – Sleep

6:00 BAM!

Should be fun tho, I hear these guys seriously party


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